The KKB Mission is to inspire the youth to live for Jesus Christ and to offer the prime years of their lives in service to God and Country.


The KKB Vision is a dynamic youth movement transforming young people worldwide through the full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for righteous and excellent leadership in the church and nations.

Core and Handshake

Core values: Yielded to God Outstanding service to others Unity Trustworthiness Holiness. The KKB handshake signifies a strong bond of commitment sealed by unity, brotherly love, strength, and prayer.

welcome to kkb muntinlupa blog

Grace and peace to you from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ. - Phil.1:2

welcome to the KKB Muntinlupa official blogsite! (yehey! my blogsite na kame!) so what's up with the kkb muntinlupa blogsite? as you read the title, this is a blogsite, isn't it? 

web log is the original term for blog, and blogging is some sort of online journal. so if you like to read and read and read. you're in the right place but if you don't, stay tuned you'll be soon hooked up the punchline of your fellow kkb in muntinlupa.

Ano bang nilalaman nitong site na 'to?
ang nilalaman ng site na ito ay: mga nilalaman din ng puso't isipan ng kabataan ngayon, pero let's tweak it this way: mga nilalaman ng puso't isipan ng mga kristyanong kabataan ngayon.

this is a part of our Mission
To inspire the YOUTH to live for JESUS
and this time through writing and blogging.

one of the reason why we created the site is we want to hear from you. hindi po ito limited lang sa mga kkb bloggers, if you have something to share about, you can send the post along with your name to kkbmuntinlupa@gmail.com any topics will do, no word limit but let's make it neat, positive and God-glorifying.

if you have questions on your heads, email us at kkbmuntinlupa@gmail.com with your name of course, and let's see how the kkb bloggers will respond to those questions.

"Be happy, young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you to judgment." 
Ecclesiastes 11:9 

May God's blessing overflows in your life!
Let the flames of passion burn our hearts for Jesus.


the KKB Muntinlupa squad


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