The KKB Mission is to inspire the youth to live for Jesus Christ and to offer the prime years of their lives in service to God and Country.


The KKB Vision is a dynamic youth movement transforming young people worldwide through the full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for righteous and excellent leadership in the church and nations.

Core and Handshake

Core values: Yielded to God Outstanding service to others Unity Trustworthiness Holiness. The KKB handshake signifies a strong bond of commitment sealed by unity, brotherly love, strength, and prayer.

The word "Sorry"

Before I go on, let me clear things up: This is just my opinion that is base from my experiences and I’m just expressing it ok?

“Sorry is not enough” -> one of the funniest expression I heard from my friend (if I’m not mistaken it was Ronald Vega) one afternoon while I was watching them playing volleyball. He was accidentally hit by the ball and the culprit apologizes quickly saying “Sorry”, then he responded the said expression in funny way because we’re all having fun there.
Yes. We’re just having fun even though the culprit was sincere to his apology, it doesn’t matter maybe because we’re in the mood of laughing out loud.

“Does it really matter?”, I ask myself as I recall that scenario. Well, try to read between the line..=)

We often hear this word “sorry’, followed by “I didn’t mean that “expression from our offender or sometimes from our self whenever we offended someone unintentionally. You didn’t mean that that is why you are saying “sorry”. That’s the way it is. You should apologize whenever you did something wrong to someone. You must say the word wholeheartedly or else your apology will be rejected. This is the magic word to reconcile with someone if you are the offender. But if you are the offended one, this is a word of relief or comfort (if I’m not mistaken).

All of us have been offended right? Or hit by something that hurt us right? And sometimes, it’s hard to forgive and it’s harder to forget. Admit it; sorry is not always enough and sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. But of course, it depends on the situation. I mean it depends on how you were offended. 

In my given scenario, no matter how sincere the culprit was to his apology, it will not heal the pain in my friend’s body. Off course we all knew that in sports, pain is expected. But the good thing is we knew that the culprit didn’t hit my friend intentionally. It was just an accident. So, his apology is accepted. We may consider this as small thing. So I guess the word “sorry” works on small things.

All of us had experienced waiting right? I’m sure all of us have been in a scenario wherein you are about to meet a friend, both of you set the meeting place and off course the time. You arrive on the meeting place in time but you’re friend did not. You’ve waited long because your friend is almost 2 hrs late. And sometimes, there are instances that your friend is not responding to your text messages. The worst of that, you ended up waiting in vain. In this scenario, how do sorry work? Will it bring back those wasted time you spent? No. I experienced this so many times and whenever I recall it, I only realize that “Sorry” doesn’t make any sense. But for the sake of harmony and peace, I only let it pass. But not all persons are like me I’m sure and be aware of that. But if you are in the place of the one who made someone wait in vain, how will you make things up? Ok…let’s accept the fact that there is reason but whatever reason you have, can you bring back those wasted time your friend spent? And besides, whatever reason you have, you should inform your friend. The fact that someone is waiting for you, you should do every possible way to make an update.

I’m not saying that apology is useless. I’m not saying that we do not need to apologize because it’s no use. What I’m trying to say here is that the word “Sorry” is just a word, and we just use it to show that we didn’t mean to do such thing and that we didn’t intentionally hurt someone. But apology doesn’t end in just saying “Sorry”. Honestly, I strongly doubted the saying “Just say sorry and everything will be fine” especially when emotion is included. When you apologize, prove your sincerity. Sometimes, peace offering will work but it is much better that if we apologize, make sure or make it possible that we will not repeat our mistake. Do everything you can to please the offended and try to win the trust again. And of course, face the consequences. As I have mention, sometimes it’s hard to forgive, so wait patiently until you were forgiven. What matters is you did your part.

In conclusion, you can be forgiven, but your deeds might be unforgettable. “Sorry” is just a word and it should be accompanied by “Sincerity” when you apologize. But of course, “Prevention is still better than cure” if you know what I mean…=D



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